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 Us...... in a Nutshell...

My Good Memories is committed to help you to uniquely preserve the most wonderful moments in your life.

My Good Memories offers the following services:

  •   Photography (Still pictures) for all occasions
  •   Videography
  •   Professionally bound books with our or your great photos
  •   Photo editing
  •   DVD’s containing video, still pictures or both, with music.
  •   Business photography and videography
  •   Web sites
  •   Still pictures and video for non-profit fundraising
  •  Logo, flyer business card and brochure design
  •  Head Shots for Business, Resumes, Acting, Modeling

Published in: The Tampa Tribune and National Geographic! 

Lois Croft Photography/My Good Memories combines great photographs (yours or ours) into books, DVD's, slide shows, photo gifts and many other items. We will come and take your photos and do your videography as well within 25 miles of Jonesborough Tennessee.

Let us design your business cards, logos, flyers, business cards and brochures!

We can come and photograph your special event, personal or commercial and give it back to you in your choice of medium either to commemorate the event or to be used as a promotion.

If you are a non-profit group, please call.  We may be able to offer services that are free or low cost! 

DVD's showing what you do and how you do it can greatly increase sales and in the case of non-profit organizations, can increase donations and volunteer hours.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, think what a whole DVD can tell people!

And....... we're GREEN!  My Good Memories web site is 100% powered by wind energy

Questions?  Please call  (813) 385-4595